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About Dr. DeMarco

Dr. Anthony DeMarco is a board certified member of the American Board of Anesthesiology. He is a graduate of Kansas City University with a Doctor of Osteopathy degree, a holistic approach to patient care.

Dr. DeMarco completed his residency in 1993 at Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia.

Reduce Fear and Anxiety using the PreEmptive Healing

Pre-Emptive Healing Can Make a Difference In Your Practice!

Pre-emptive Healing is a unique tool developed by board certified anaesthesiologist Anthony DeMarco that employs the mind-body connection to prepare your body for optimal healing before, during and after a medical, dental or surgical procedure. Preliminary research has already confirmed this system’s success and Pre-emptive Healing is continuing to help bring healing and relief of anxiety to more and more people every day.

This technique has proven so effective that the team at Pre-emptive healing has further developed the system to include a range of products that not only help your body heal from surgery, but also successfully work to reduce and eliminate a host of anxieties, fears and phobias, most notably those associated with the fear of flying as well as dental phobia.

Pre-emptive Healing Starts to Eliminate Your Fear and Anxiety Before Your Procedure

The term Pre-emptive is important and is used as this method starts working to empower the mind and body for optimal healing and to reduce anxiety BEFORE you even step foot in to a hospital, a dentist’s office or an airport.

The Science Behind Pre-emptive Healing

Through years of research, modern science has successfully proven the existence of an extremely powerful mind-body connection.  Mind over matter is not a cliché. The brain is essentially the command system responsible for transmitting instructions to the entire body controlling all of its functions through the central nervous system. It dictates everything from simple breathing, to complex muscle movement and is also responsible for the release of chemicals through the bloodstream in response to our thoughts. If your thoughts have you feeling stress, fear or anxiety, you can be certain that the brain is triggering a chemical and physical response.  Pre-emptive Healing will empower you to recondition these thoughts to help you lead a healthier and more balanced life.

How Can Fear and Anxiety Interfere with Healing?

The human brain is intricately hard-wired to naturally protect the body. Just the same as it launches in to high gear producing more white blood cells to help fight off an infection, it also has a built-in process that begins a chain reaction designed to protect us when there is a perceived threat or impending danger.
Whether it is triggered by dental phobia, an upcoming surgical procedure, or is related to flying anxiety, your fear is actually working to prevent the body from properly functioning to protect and heal you as it is designed to do.


Fight or Flight
The brain produces what is known as the “Fight or Flight” response when faced with a perceived threat. The sympathetic nervous system and the adrenal-cortical system are immediately activated. When this happens, Adrenalin is released in to the bloodstream with the intent of helping the body deal with a potential threat.

The two effects of a sudden increase in adrenalin most detrimental to healing are:

  • Your Heart Rate Speeds Up
  • Your Blood Pressure Increases

High blood pressure negatively impacts the body’s ability to heal as it constricts the blood vessels preventing healthy blood flow. Proper blood flow is critical to healing as the blood is the transport mechanism that carries oxygen, nutrients and antibodies, all crucial components to the body’s ability to heal itself.
Some of the other effects of increased adrenalin are some that those with a fear of the dentist, and flying anxiety are all too familiar with. These symptoms can include:

  • Nausea
  • Uncontrollable Shaking
  • Altered Breathing
  • Inability to Concentrate or Think Clearly

 This “fight or flight” process is an automatic response that has effectively worked to provide protection to man-kind since the beginning of time. The fact that it is an instinctual feature only becomes problematic when this process is triggered by the perception that one is in danger when in fact there is really no threat at all.

Eliminating the Symptoms Starts With Eliminating the Fear

The Pre-emptive Healing system’s line of audio products will work to eliminate your fear, reduce your anxiety and to prepare your body for optimal healing. We can successfully help you condition your mind to overcome the fear of flying and dental anxiety; both of which are only perceived threats and can be eliminated with regular use of this system. For more information on how Pre-emptive Healing can help you or your patients, click on one of the links below.

Dental Phobia - A guided meditation for dental fear and anxiety

Fear of Flying

Pre-Emptive Healing
Pre-emptive Healing
– Preparing Your
Body for Optimal Healing
Pre-emptive Healing
– Overcoming Your
Fear of Flying
Pre-emptive Healing
– Overcoming Your
Dental Anxiety

Read what others are saying about PreEmptive Healing…”
As a mother of a child who was having two surgeries in one year, I was more than stressed. Prior to my daughter’s tonsilectomy, her second surgery that year, Dr. DeMarco suggested I participate by listening to the Preemptive Healing Meditation with my daughter. I think that by listening and participating, I was in a better state to support my daughter’s fears. We downloaded it onto her iPod. We listened individually and together several times the evening before and several times again the morning of the surgery. We were both more relaxed and stable. The recording helped us support each other and approach the surgery in
a positive way. It also helped in her healing process. Thank you Dr DeMarco!”

Comment by Toni — October 16, 2009

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